Green Trade Company

agriculture products

the quality

  • GREEN TRADE understands that high-quality and health-safe products are the way to achieve its continuous success and gain the confidence and satisfaction of its customers in achieving their desires. Therefore, GREEN TRADE is committed to achieving full and complete conformity of its products (fresh – manufactured) with the qualitative or standard specifications that it defines and announces for each product with continuous work to improve the quality of its products and develop management systems Applied to it.

  • And GREEN TRADE’s confidence in research and development, so the Quality Department was established by the largest specialists and they were trained by experts to maintain customer confidence and access to the latest and finest international quality systems.

Quality policies

  • Commitment to the company’s quality and food safety management system and make sure that the international standards 2015-9001 are constantly applied in accordance with the most recent issued as well as specifications for the company’s products.
  • The use of external measuring devices and laboratory tests to ensure the quality of products.
  • Providing an organizational and administrative climate that encourages continuous development.
  • Providing an appropriate work environment to achieve conformance of products to local and international specifications and legislation.
  • Follow the best developments in the field to provide a safe and healthy food product.
  • Continuous development of the skills and competence of workers through continuous training courses.
  • Quality management is considered one of the main factors for success and the extension of its responsibility to workers at all levels.
  • Effective review of all aspects of the production process to ensure the quality and safety of our products provided to customers.
  • Create a favorable working environment characterized by frankness, trust, transparency and teamwork, and take immediate measures to correct defects and continuous improvement.